A brief description of the classification of the material of the plastic composite floor

- Jan 20, 2018-

The classification of materials said plastic composite floor, the first floor is the bulk: this plastic composite floor is the most semi hard floor, very reliable quality, color is also a monochrome or garland will have two varieties, and this material thickness is 1.5mm or greater than 1.5mm, which is in fact will belong to the low grade floor, this floor is also can solve the concrete ground cold and hard, ash, moisture, noise shortcomings, making the environment can have a certain degree of beautification.


The second kinds of material of the plastic composite floor, that is, the soft roll floor. It is twentieth Century market soft printing most of the floor sheet is only 0.8mm thick, in actual use, because can not solve the "cold, hard, sound" problem, but also because of its strength is relatively low, after a period of time, most of that will happen bulge or rupture of corner.


The third type of plastic composite floor is elastic rolling wood floor. To a great extent, this kind of floor will solve the shortcomings of cold, hard, ash, tide, and noise of the concrete ground. Because it is a six colour printing machine imported, can be directly on the printed patterns of natural lifelike imitation wood, imitation stone, imitation jacquard fabric pattern design, decorative effect is very good, also very comfortable feeling. This product is made with non flammable plastic, and it is not easy to cause fire.


In the next words, to a large extent, the substrate of such plastic composite flooring products will choose reinforced glass mat with a shrinkage less than 1/1000, and a special formula will be applied to the surface wear-resistant layer.


Finally, we actually also is to note that plastic composite floor this stretch properties and its anti curl performance, then said, we are in fact is to pay attention to the anti shrinkage and waterproof mildew resistance and wear resistance is relatively good, it is now used in a plastic composite floor surface and compared to other cheap floor, its quality and performance is much better.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/