A brief description of the selection and purchase of waterproof WPC floor

- Apr 18, 2018-

When choosing the waterproof WPC floor, the first choice is the product of the famous brand manufacturer.


The waterproof WPC floor is not easy to distinguish the quality from the appearance. It must go through the floor quality inspection. And speaking of famous brands, it will go through the test of market operation, and has established a very good image in the minds of consumers. This time not only ensures the quality of the waterproof WPC floor products and is responsible for the installation and installation, durable, the main after-sales service is guaranteed, and the customer's worries are avoided.


We should pay attention to the ratio of the raw materials when choosing the waterproof WPC floor.


The wear resistance of the reinforced waterproof WPC floor is mainly determined by the content of three oxide two aluminum in the surface layer. In this respect, for a certain wear resistance, it is bound to correspond to a certain amount of three oxidation of two aluminum. For family floors, the number of wear-resisting revolutions is usually 6000 or more, but for office buildings and other places, we should pay more attention to the above 9000 turns.


The waterproofing WPC floor should choose the products of regular manufacturers when purchasing.


The waterproofing WPC floor produced by regular manufacturers should have Chinese name, address, instructions and implementation standards on the package. Since 2001, the national standard for strengthening wood flooring has been put into effect. Its name and number are People's Republic of China national standard GB18580-2001. The well-known brand not only has the test report produced by our quality inspection authority, but also marks and marks on the product package. It includes registered trademarks, manufacturers, business units, models, quantities, addresses, telephone and so on.


We should also pay attention to the free formaldehyde emission when choosing waterproof WPC floor.


The release of free formaldehyde, strengthening waterproof WPC floor is bound to contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, if more than the state specified index value (1.5mg/L) will be harmful to the human body. When purchasing, it is more suitable for waterproof WPC floors to choose products that have national environmental protection logo or exempt from inspection products.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/