A brief introduction to the color selection principle of PVC flooring

- Mar 20, 2018-

Color matching is an important element in the design of decoration. The color of the ground must be lined with walls and furniture, and the ground is basically fixed in the decoration. It is not often replaced, and many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing. Although the neutral color is once the mainstream of the PVC flooring selection, but also to match properly, dark, light color can also achieve the ideal effect. Therefore, the PVC flooring in the decoration design in the color matching, there are a few points should be paid special attention.


Area determines color: color directly affects visual effect, warm hue is generally for dilated color, cold color to shrink. When using PVC to decorate the floor, the room with small area should choose the cold color of the dark color, or the simple and quick floor, which produces the effect of enlarging the area.


If the room is large and lighting is also sufficient, this time is to pay attention to choose the darker and coarsely decorated PVC floor to make the space more compact. In the choice of color, it should be more inclined to the effect of small texture or straight lines, avoiding the disorderly appearance of the pattern.


Deep tone PVC flooring of the infectious and expressive force is more strong, and more distinct personality. If the color of the floor is red, it will give people a strong sense of color. After that, the walls will also be painted with deep tones, which will create a sense of depression and disharmony. If the choice of ivory color with a pink tone, and the black tea color floor will form a sense of unity. For deep tea with the same department, it is often used to match the wall with the deep tea color floor, which will make the floor more broad.


PVC flooring in the selection of color, it must be paid attention to on the lighting. The lighting conditions in the room also limit the choice of the color of the PVC flooring. Well - lit rooms have a large range of choices and can be very shallow. But for those with low floor and inadequate daylighting, we should pay attention to choosing the floor with higher brightness and better color. We should avoid using darker materials as far as possible.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/