A brief introduction to the maintenance and use of the wood plastic composite floor

- Jan 26, 2018-

Wood plastic composite floor of the use of the environment, first of all, we should pay attention to what is actually the room temperature control requirements should be at 15 to 35 DEG C, relative humidity should be 45%RH ~ 75%RH; wood plastic composite floor in use, or prohibit the use of sharp blade appliance in floor decoration on the surface of the direct operation, to prevent the destruction of the decorative performance and beautiful degree.


Wood plastic composite floor in use, prohibited personnel directly jump to the deck from above, and savage in the mobile goods handling, handling of goods in time by deck; deck activities, prohibit push objects directly on the surface, the direct friction between the object and the ground surface caused by scratching.


When handling of goods, must be used with a rubber tire trolley for handling or laying the isolation pad between the object contour and wood plastic composite floor, to prevent surface damage; in anti-static plate placed relatively heavy items, should be pay attention to smooth decoration, and pay attention to the role of such do, is to avoid crushing wood plastic composite floor.


On the lower space wood plastic composite floor equipment during maintenance, application of floor suction plate for deck installation, disassembly time, must be handled with care, so as not to damage the wood plastic composite floor; when in use, you must use clean cloth mop and keep the surface clean, do not you can put a lot of water or is a cleaner liquid sprinkled on the deck above, to avoid affecting the normal operation of the line service life and influence of the deck below deck and its equipment.


Wood plastic composite floor in use, should prevent electrostatic spray layer scratch active plate, if found that the application of grey paint scratches up brush, ensure the integrity of the coating; prevent small objects from falling into the ventilation wood plastic composite floor vents (such as coins, keys, paper clips and pins etc.) to avoid damage to ventilation regulator and other equipment.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/