A brief introduction to the performance of the fireproof floor

- Dec 26, 2017-

When it comes to performance fire floor, the first point of speaking, the fire is also more excellence, is because it is not burning plate, about zero will also is the flame sustained burning time, can keep its time at the temperature of 800 DEG C will not burn, 1200 degrees will not as a result, the flames appear, which to a large extent is relatively high level fire burning level reached A1.


Then, it is made of high quality fire floor keel partition system production, the fire resistance limit of speaking is also achieved more than 3 hours, the fire burning process, which to a great extent that can absorb a lot of heat, so that the great the degree of uplink is delayed in the temperature of the surrounding environment.


Moreover, fire floor is characterized in terms of words, will have waterproof, and it in a dry and cold wet weather, fire floor performance is always stable as one, as a point of speaking, the great extent is not affected by water and moist air condensation effect of Pearl the even put in water soaked after natural drying out a few days, no deformation or soft phenomenon, can normal use, will never happen moisture back to halogenphenomenon.


Then, characteristics of fire is the floor with a light earthquake, the apparent density in terms of words, which is in 0.8-1.2g/cm3, this time also will reduce the load of the building is, at this time, that will make the building interior wall weight decreased more than 60%, with the increase in the use of the area 5-8%.


Finally, on the strength of the floor on fire is better, especially for 5.1.8 with glass fiber cloth with good toughness and plant fiber, that is because the fire floor weight is light, the structure is relatively close, stable performance is good, no deformation.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/