Advantages of Black plastic Skirtboard over other similar products.

- Nov 27, 2018-

Black plastic kicking board is made of imported materials by calender or hot pressing method. It has won the favor of construction personnel because of its simple and convenient construction, and won the appreciation of users with high quality service. Its structure and variety of surface materials, to meet people's life and work in a new, comfortable, safe, clean and clean aspects of the new feeling. 

The black plastic board has a natural texture as smooth as marble and granite as well as the softness and warmth of the original wood.The product color and the style, can display the different artistic pattern the effect. Compared with other similar products, in strong wear resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, flame retardant and other aspects of good performance. 

And the black plastic footboard is more convenient to carry on the free design combination, the laying is quick, is easy to clean the maintenance. The technical level and quality have been tested by commodity inspection units and have reached the testing standards. It is a multipurpose, almost unlimited product in design.