Advantages of luxury vinyl flooring

- Dec 01, 2017-

The density is light. The weight of LVT is 2-3 kg /sqm. It is less 10% than the ordinary ground. In the high-rise building, it is an unparalleled advantage for the weight bearing of the building and saving space.


Environmental protection, the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride, it is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic renewable resource, relative to other floors, such as formaldehyde and other harmful substances,  It`s absolute eco-friendly.


High elastic and anti shock characteristics, Texture of luxury vinyl floor is soft, excellent flexibility, There`s good elastic recovery when the flooring impacted by weights , So , flooring can get greatly reduce the slip, At the same time, flooring is good elastic recovery made by the impact destruction by heavy object. no damage.


Non-slip。 This kind of floor is anti-slip, and at the same time, the luxury vinyl flooring will do the relevant antiskid treatment (wear resistance pattern).


The sound absorption  luxury vinyl floor absorb the sound of 20 decibels, so, in the quiet environment, such as in a hospital ward, library or hall, People no longer bothered by the sound of high heels .