All kinds of preparation work before installation of composite wall-skirt and wall-cloth.

- Oct 26, 2018-

In order to achieve a better decorative effect, home decoration may be used when the local composite wainscot and wall-cloth combination of decorative methods. Material preparation should be carried out prior to formal installation in order to speed up the progress. For example, the framework of composite wall-skirt plate, the required spacing of 400-600mm, the specific spacing also depends on the specifications of the panel. The cross section size of the frame is about (20-45) mm × (40-50) mm, height and the transverse material length are cut off according to the design requirements, and planed on the large face to ensure the same thickness size. 

Products of the same tree species, the same texture and the same color should be selected as much as possible for the composite wall-skirt, which is used for decorative modeling of the upper part of the wall-skirt and has many forms of layering lines. From the material is divided into hard miscellaneous wood, white wood, Fraxinus mandshurica wood, walnut wood line, teak line, paulownia line, the length of 2-5m. From the use is divided into wall-skirt press, wall-skirt panel decoration line, top line, ceiling decoration line, tap board, doors and windows cover decoration line. 

In addition to the preparation of the main materials, there are composite wall skirt construction tools, the main tools are planer, grindstone, hammer, hand saw, flat shovel, square ruler, wire bag, cutting plane, and so on. 。. Before construction, it is necessary to check the quality of the base course of the wall surface.