Anti-leakage, fire insulation and shockproof performance of waterproof wall panels

- Oct 17, 2018-

Waterproof wallboard can not only prevent leakage of liquid, but also prevent gas volatilization, but also can isolate noise pollution. However, in order to make it play a better sound waterproof effect, the installation of fixed parts, more need to do in place. The waterproof wall board is light in earthquake resistance and lightens the bearing capacity of foundation; compared with clay solid brick, it is more than four times lighter and three times lighter than hollow block brick, which can solve the problems of beam, column and deep foundation. Waterproof wallboard is not only suitable for low rise buildings, but also for high-rise buildings, light geology and beach, beach and other buildings. To sum up, compared with other plates, the excellent seismic performance of the partition board has advantages. In addition, waterproofing wall panels are natural and environmentally friendly, and are excellent building materials, which can be used as non-load-bearing internal partition works in industrial buildings, residential buildings and public buildings. Because of its fire insulation, anti-seismic sound insulation and other advantages, so waterproof wall panels are used in all kinds of buildings. Its frame connection has good seismic performance and the wall mass is light. Laying according to the above method is simple and easy to operate and is very convenient.