Application and characteristics of interlocking composite floor tiles

- Aug 17, 2018-

Interlocking connected composite floor tile board can be laid directly on any ground. Its unique interlocking molding and installation form is easy to be in place without special tools. It is an ideal solution for quick installation, bright and beautiful, wear-resistant, skid-proof and moisture-proof in such areas as garage, factory workshop, high-efficiency storage, commercial space, etc.


Compared with ordinary similar materials, interlocking composite floor tile board not only has a variety of types, but also can mix colors to create their own design and layout, decorative effect is good, strong design, but to create a unique personalized garage preferred material; at the same time, it has good chemical corrosion resistance and excellent moisture resistance.


The material and surface texture of the interlocking composite floor tile board are both anti-skid, and there is no viscous requirement when it is installed. Adhesives can also be used for quick and simple installation to improve efficiency. In addition, the interlocking composite floor tile board has a long service life and can be used normally for more than 20 years. It is suitable for site including workshop floor protection. The school corridors beautify the skid resistance, gymnasium floor, parking lot garage ground and so on.