Application of Composite Board Skirtboard cover in Home Decoration.

- Nov 28, 2018-

There are many common types of tap board cover in the market, each material has different characteristics, the composite board tap board cover is one of them, it has the advantage of high wear resistance and easy maintenance. Before paving, the floor of the installation site should be cleaned first. This process can make the installation site meet the requirements of the pavement. The ground must be leveled out in advance and kept dry enough to avoid moisture regurgitation on the ground. 

The color that kicks a line and basically are with door cover, floor or wall color is consistent, compound board kicks board cover is not exceptional also. At present, the more choice is to coordinate with the color of the door cover. Good installation of the composite board tap cover should be completely close to the wall, leaving no gaps.Want to notice the smoothness of metope because of this, if not flat, want to choose to have toughness macromolecule density board. 

After completing the positioning of the composite board tap cover, the hole needs to be drilled with an electric drill. The structure of compound board tap board cover is similar with aggrandizement floor, the surface material divides solid wood to stick skin and man-made face two kinds, the characteristic is sturdy and durable average family can accept, it is at present to use the most footboard cover material. 

You can obviously find that because the composite board tap cover in the lowest part of the wall, its thickness should be about 1 cm more appropriate, width from the ground up in 6~10cm. As a result of close to the ground, easy to get dirty, so the requirements of the tap cover must be strong, neither easy to damage, and easy to scrub.