Briefly introduce the characteristics of waterproof WPC floor

- Jan 19, 2018-

Waterproof and moisture-proof waterproof performance when it comes to the WPC floor, which to a great extent, not only solve the wood products for wet and environmental water in moisture absorption after prone to decay phenomenon, at the same time, it is able to solve the wood floors and other related problems of swelling deformation. In daily use, we also will pay attention to the deformation of solid wood flooring will be very obvious.


That is because after the damp wood floors is more prone to the phenomenon of deformation, especially in the rainy season is long, have to consider the problem of deformation of damp wood floors. After soaking the wood floors and wood floors without soaking, the deformation phenomenon is obvious. But the waterproof WPC floor, other than the floor of the green environmental protection, energy recycling recycling.


WPC waterproof floor also refers to wood plastic composite materials, this point in terms of words, to a great extent, is based on PVC and wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber blended into new wood materials, the extrusion molding process of the plate produced. After covering the surface of the substrate board decorative film, high wear-resistant paint after the process finished.


Next we speak, in fact is to note that, on the view, from the production process of waterproof WPC floor again, on another side, the product is not containing any glue formaldehyde or benzene and other harmful substances, environmental performance is relatively high.


WPC waterproof floor in physical performance, its strength is also good, hardness is very high. When it comes to waterproof WPC floor advantage, summed up in terms of words, we actually also is to take care of itself will have a non slip, good wear resistance, the actual use of the time, will not crack, will not appear at the same time it infestation, water absorption also is relatively small.