Can family decorate use acacia wood formation to pressurized WPC floor?

- Jul 21, 2018-

With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay special attention to family decoration. In home decoration, which material is laid on the ground is very important. Many people will choose wooden floor. Traditional wooden floors are mostly divided into two types: solid wood flooring and composite flooring, but now there is another choice. That is the acacia wood formation pressure WPC floor.


The biggest difference between the acacia wood formation pressure WPC floor and the traditional floor is that it is not made of simple wood, but is formed by the compression of wood particles and synthetic plastic particles through the process of heating and high pressure. Because of the different materials, the performance of the WPC floor and the ordinary floor is quite different. In general, the performance is better than that of the ordinary floor.


When people choose the floor for family decoration, they will first consider the price of the floor, followed by the environmental protection of the floor, and the quality of the floor. These three aspects are essentially dispensable, and the acacia wood stratum pressure WPC floor these three can meet, even will create an ideal decorative effect, so in the family decoration use acacia wood layer pressure WPC floor people more and more.


From the price level, the price of WPC floor for Acacia wood formation is much cheaper than that of solid wood flooring and composite flooring. In addition, from the degree of environmental protection, the acacia wood stratum pressure WPC floor board is made by pressing the process of pressing, and the amount of the colloid containing formaldehyde is very little, and there is no environmental pollution. The quality is not to mention, the acacia wood formation pressure WPC floor to the maximum degree of reduction of solid wood material texture and appearance, but its service life is much longer than other floors.