Characteristics and construction requirements of interlocking outdoor terrace floor

- Aug 22, 2018-

Interlocking outdoor terrace floor materials generally include plastic, wood, composite materials three categories, they have their own characteristics, each has a swing. Professional interlocking outdoor terrace floor not only can be used for outdoor open-air environment board, but also can be directly used in the water, soil contact environment.


Interlocking outdoor terrace floor has the characteristics of small volume, high strength, anti-vibration, anti-vibration, low acoustic and thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, impact resistance, durability, elasticity and toughness, beautiful timber and texture, healthy and environmental protection, easy processing, making it an ideal indoor and outdoor building materials and decorative materials.


In the construction of interlocking outdoor terrace floor, it is suggested that the existing size of the material should not be trimmed as far as possible, and the corresponding preservatives should be used to fully brush each cut and hole position, so as not to worry about the life of the material. When setting up the terrace, choose the long interlocking outdoor terrace floor as far as possible, can reduce the joints, aesthetics will not be greatly discounted; 5-10 mm gap between each panel is recommended.


The choice of interlocking outdoor terrace floor is crucial, but no matter what kind of material is selected, attention should be paid to maintenance to ensure the normal use of interlocking outdoor terrace floor.