Characteristics and material properties of moistureproof and mould resistant WPC floor

- Mar 23, 2018-

Our company is the production of moistureproof and anti mould WPC floor, the technology is relatively mature, stable performance, application is more extensive, especially its excellent waterproof performance, the current form, WPC floor moistureproof and anti mould have been deeply marine climate and shore Islands sea area home users and customers decoration engineering.


This is because, in a humid climate all year round, traditional wood flooring is prone to damp, arching, drying shrinkage, cracking, dampness and mould, and insect termites, which brings inconvenience and difficulty to household life. At this time, the emergence of damp proof and anti mould WPC floor, a better solution to the above problems.


The moistureproof mouldproof WPC floor production, is based on the physical floor surface of the wood and foam board substrate stress characteristics, the substrate density control in 0.56-0.58g/cm3, the thickness of the wood is also will be controlled at 1-3mm, as a result, it can control the deformation of tab layer of wood good internal dry wet up stress caused by shrinkage, and this thickness swelling rate is almost zero (thickness GB high-class wood composite floor expansion rate is less than 2.5%).


The properties of materials, production of moistureproof and mouldproof WPC floor first, the material itself will have the same processing and log the same performance, nailing, drilling, cutting, bonding, nails or bolts can be connected and fixed, smooth surface, sanding and painting is not required, the good paint adhesion after. Can also be based on personal preferences.


WPC floor moistureproof mouldproof has physical properties than the log is more excellent than wood, good dimensional stability, little cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, colorant, coated or composite surface can be made into various products of colorful, the actual use of the time there is no need to carry out maintenance timing, when the production, with a variety of design, color and wood products, can provide customers with more choice.