Characteristics of different composite wall panels

- Jan 13, 2018-

First: composite exterior wall plate,


The composite exterior wall is made of aluminum alloy plate as the surface layer, and rock wool board and gypsum plasterboard as insulation materials. Next, it will use light steel keel as skeleton, and then make a lightweight thermal insulation board after composite. The composite exterior wall has the characteristics of light weight, good insulation effect and thin wall. It is more convenient to install in real time, no wet work and fast progress in construction.


Second: color compression plate composite wallboard,


The color compression plate composite wallboard is a light insulation wall plate, which is composed of light insulating material as the panel and lightweight insulation material as the core layer. The quality is relatively light, the insulation performance is very good, the elevation is very beautiful, the construction speed is also relatively fast. Because the compression plate used for use has been coated with different kinds of corrosion resistant coatings to ensure its durability and corrosion resistance.


Color compression steel plate composite wallboard can be set up the edge of the mouth. Its insulation core layer can be selected as polystyrene foam board or slag cotton board, glass cotton board, polyurethane foam board and so on. Because it has a lot of specifications, because there will be more application on the exterior wall of the industrial building.


Third: ultra light insulation sandwich wall panel,


The super light heat insulation sandwich wall panels are made of colored galvanized steel sheets as external surfaces. After several rolls of rolling, they are made into pressure sheets. Then they will become foam plastic panels directly with liquid polyurethane foam, and then form products after direct compounding.


Ultra light insulation sandwich wall panels have excellent physical and processability properties, such as light, high strength, heat insulation, insulation, sound insulation, water resistance and so on. The ultra light heat insulation sandwich wall panel is divided into two kinds, ordinary board and load-bearing board. This wallboard is suitable for the exterior walls and roofs of large, medium and small-sized buildings, and is also widely applied in villas and movable houses, and at the same time, it will be suitable for the application of large span cold storage.