Classification and function of plastic composite floor in material

- Apr 17, 2018-

Plastic composite material on the floor in the first category refers to the bulk floor.


This kind of plastic composite floor most of the semi hard floor, the quality will appear very reliable, color will have a monochrome or a flower two varieties, and its thickness is said to include 1.5mm or more than 1.5mm, the low level floor, the plastic compound floor can be solved when the use of the use can also be solved. The disadvantages of cold, hard, gray, damp and loud concrete floors are determined, so that the environment can be beautified to a certain extent.


The second category of plastic composite flooring is soft coil floor.


In twentieth Century, most of this kind of plastic composite floor is only 0.8mm thick, it can not solve the "cold, hard, sound" problem, and because of low strength, after a period of use, the vast majority of the drum phenomenon and edge angle rupture.


The third type of plastic composite flooring is elastic coil floor.


When the plastic composite floor is being used, it effectively solves the shortcomings of cold, hard, gray, tidal and noisy concrete floors. When the actual use is used, it can print out the natural and realistic pattern of imitation wood grain, imitation stone and imitation pattern, with good decoration effect and comfortable foot feeling.


Such plastic composite floor products are made of nonflammable plastics and are not easy to cause fires. And the base material of the six series of products has selected the reinforced glass fiber felt with the shrinkage less than 1/1000, and the surface wear-resistant layer used special formula, thus its spreading performance, anti curling and warping performance, anti shrinkage performance, waterproof and mildew proof performance, wear resistance, etc., and the existing non-woven, paper or recycled plastic on the market. The quality and performance of the floor will be much superior to that of the cheap floor with no abrasion.


Finally, such plastic composite floor products will have high strength, high load and high wear resistance, which is suitable for public places with high flow of people. The selection of plastic composite flooring products not only meets the needs of interior decoration, but also is a kind of enjoyment.