Concrete types and characteristics of interlocking plastic decorative boards

- Aug 18, 2018-

Interlocking plastic decorative board is widely used in decorative engineering because of its excellent performance and suitable for compounding with other materials. There are many kinds of interlocking plastic decorative panels, one is plastic metal composite panels. It has important application value and research in many fields. It can be used as nano and micro-processing and many excellent materials, and is often used as roof panels and wall panels.


Interlocking plastic decorative board also includes rigid PVC building board, according to customer needs color PVC rigid board, bright color, beautiful and generous, its shape belongs to heterosexual board, mainly used for ceiling and wallboard. There is also a kind of polyethylene low foaming calcium plastic board made of polystyrene resin as the main body, adding foaming agent and other additives.


Because it is closed-cell structure, small water absorption, good water resistance, low density, generally 0.015-0.03; high mechanical strength, good cushioning performance, machinability, easy to form, good coloring, temperature adaptability, radiation resistance advantages, mainly used as roof and wall insulation.


Another kind of interlocking plastic decoration board is polyurethane foam plastic board, it is through mixing, stirring to produce chemical reaction, the formation of foam is a new type of low-temperature insulation material. The utility model has the advantages of high pore sealing, small water absorption and wide application.