Construction method of Bath Waterproof Wall skirt.

- Oct 27, 2018-

The construction of the skirt board of the bathroom waterproof wall starts from the elastic line and the inspection of the embedded parts. According to the dimensions on the construction drawing, the horizontal elevation is drawn on the wall first, and the separation line is ejected. According to the line block on the wall to add wooden peg or pre-laid into the wooden brick, wooden brick location should be in line with the keel grading size; wooden brick spacing, horizontal and vertical is generally not greater than 400mm. 

The skirt board of the bathroom waterproof wall should be leveled and straightened according to the four corners and the upper and lower keels of the room, and the wooden standard tendons should be made from top to bottom according to the size of the panel, and then the horizontal and vertical keels should be nailed in the empty space according to the design requirements, and the straight keels should be installed first, and then the transverse keels. When the wooden keel is nailed, it is necessary to check that the surface is flat and perpendicular to the vertical surface, and the yin-yang angle is set with a square ruler, and the deviation of the keel surface is adjusted to place the wooden block, which must be nailed down with the keel. 

There are two kinds of vertical tension joints in the bathroom waterproof wall, the vertical tension joint and the inclined tension joint. For the sake of beauty, the vertical tension joint can be inserted with nailing. At present, the strips are prefabricated by machines. If do full height wall skirt board, longitudinally need to have joint, joint had better be in window upper part or windowsill below, be helpful for beautiful.