Different features of outdoor decorative flooring

- Mar 17, 2018-

Outdoor decoration floor in the depth of carbonation outdoor wood flooring can through high temperature pyrolysis for wood processing, outdoor decorative floor that can reduce the concentration of hydroxyl groups of wood components which can also reduce wood hygroscopicity and internal stress, it also can achieve the reduction of wood deformation, can improve the corrosion resistance of wood the performance, suppress the growth of fungi, reached the purpose of weathering corrosion.


Antiseptic treatment of outdoor floors in outdoor decorative flooring, in order to maintain the original strength and beauty of the wood for a long time. Under the premise of strict quality management, will be injected into the CCA, CA, ACQ (CuAz) such as preservatives, this time also will make agents can depth penetration, and the drug penetration in can be tightly attached to the wood cell and will not appear the phenomenon of the loss, and also can avoid rot termites much of the.


Such outdoor decorative floors can be greatly improved in corrosion resistance, and the effectiveness of antiseptic and Antitermite should be maintained for a long time. The drugs that are often used include CCA, CA, ACQ, and other two harmful substances such as chromium, arsenic and organic phosphorus. They are very safe water-soluble agents.


For outdoor outdoor decoration wood floor floor, plastic and wood fiber is using special technology (such as extrusion, injection molding, etc.) a composite molding, but also is a kind of new green environmental protection material. At the same time will have the characteristics of natural wood fiber and plastic, good water resistance, water absorption rate is only a few thousandths of wood, wear resistance is 3-10 times that of wood.


The outdoor floor outdoor decoration wood floor, its steel and bearing performance will be greater than the plastic material, but the expansion and contraction of less than steel and plastic materials, for now processing performance to a great extent will be better than wood, steel, plastic and other materials, in the late time for maintenance the cost will be smaller.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/