Different laminate wood composite flooring have different characteristics

- Mar 21, 2018-

The composite wood deck is artificially changed the natural structure of the floor material to achieve a certain physical performance to meet the desired requirements. The composite wood deck often refers to the reinforced composite wood deck and solid wood deck in the market. However, when practical applications are applied, the term "compound wood deck" does not exist in professional terms and national standards.


Wood composite wood deck mainly will be divided into three layers of wood composite wood deck, multi-layer wooden deck, composite wood deck three, because it is composed of plates of different species cross laminated, the actual application of the time also overcomes the shortcomings of the same one-way wood deck can hygroexpansion the rate is relatively small, with good dimensional stability, and to retain the wood grain and the natural and comfortable feeling.


Wood composite wood deck and wood composite boards and strengthening the stability of the aesthetics in one, and its practical application, is also has environmental advantages, the new composite wood deck performance value is relatively high, is a big trend in the development of wood flooring industry.


The environmental performance of the multi-layer solid wood composite wood deck panels in Europe about the same, belonging to the same grade, the difference is more like wood, but because he is doing so sticky plywood veneer, in terms of environmental performance is more expensive is not easy to control, for use when life in all varieties. It is the shortest, and some even less than 1 years, all on the surface of paint, paint a bad, not only the repair, demolition.


On the market, there is a multi-storey wood composite wood deck with a surface layer of 2mm, which can be polished for N times. However, if the selection and use time is inappropriate, the cracking phenomenon still exists. The price of multi-storey laminate wood composite flooring is generally between 100~130 yuan. The imported multi-storey laminate wood composite flooring are less expensive, but they are also not absolute. They need us to accurately grasp the market and find brand manufacturers.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/