Effect of Kitchen Skirtboard and height of installation.

- Nov 24, 2018-

Choose in household adornment kitchen footboard, the effect that plays visual balance, this can let brunet Ambry whole and the ground have a transition. Regard kitchen board as the transition of the ground and Ambry, can protect Ambry whole do not suffer the damage that external force collides, and make Ambry and the ground are more firm, still can rise waterproof effect at the same time. 

The kitchen kirtboard is installed at the bottom of the cupboard, which connects the cabinet to the floor, so the height of such a pivotal fitting must be grasped. And how to locate kitchen board height, need to refer to the height of whole cabinet body and Mesa, because Ambry kicks a foot line to belong to foil product after all, its height specification problem depends on the height of cabinet body and Mesa to a great extent. 

General Ambry Mesa height won't exceed 100 cm commonly, the height that takes 85cm left or so is mainstream specification, ground ark needs to leave enough storage space, general height is in 70-80 cm, the height that leaves a kitchen to tap board so is located in 10cm or so. The sum of the two heights will not exceed the above table height, this is also a relatively suitable height, isolation and direct contact with the ground, moisture-proof and ash-proof role.At the same time, the invention can avoid friction between the cabinet door and the ground when the switch cabinet door is in operation, resulting in wear and tear of the cabinet door. 

According to the user's own use or design style, the height of the kitchen tap board in a little bit lower. General family also can choose 6.6 centimeters or 7 centimeters kick line height, because can make interior decoration looks more delicate, beautiful. But also won't lower than a normal standard value, will not affect the use of function, the general designer will be based on the overall aesthetic, to adjust the height.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/