Features and surface characteristics of outdoor decorative flooring

- Apr 04, 2018-

Different outdoor decorative floors have different characteristics. First of all, speaking of the PVC micro foamed outdoor floor, the revolutionary new generation of outdoor building materials are adopted. The products are adopted by the latest PVC micro foaming technology in the United States and the unique manufacturing technology applied to the national patent.


And when the outdoor ornamental floor is used, it can be waterproof, fireproof, ant proof, anticorrosion, anti aging, anti oil pollution, easy to process, easy to install, easy to maintain and environmental protection and so on. For the co extruded outdoor floor, it is based on the plastic wood outdoor floor, and the polymer material protection layer is evenly and firmly covered on the surface of the plastic wood. This is the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. In addition to retaining the advantages of traditional plastic wood, it has super wear resistance, scraping resistance, anti pollution and weatherability. It is more beautiful and durable, the texture is more lifelike and durable, and it has more ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment.


The surface features of the floor are decorated outside, and the surface of the plywood surface keeps the wood texture and structure of the wood tangent directly. In this case, it itself also has the gap surface, the catheter, the joints and the surface. Because of rotary cutting, there are cracks on the surface.


The particleboard used for outdoor decorative floor is quite different according to the shape and composition of the particle and the surface characteristics. Because of the interweave of wood shavings, many grooves are formed, which make the surface uneven, especially the single layer structure, and the surface is very rough. For the three layer structure, the surface of particleboard is relatively smooth because of its finer material.


This kind of outdoor decorative floor, the surface of its hard fiber board has no defects, such as ducts, joints and other defects, the surface roughness is relatively high, but often that is to have paraffin wax floating on the surface of the fiberboard, so that the adhesive performance decline. There are also traces of wire mesh on the back of wet fiberboard, which are loose and easy to cause deformation in operation. The medium density fiberboard used in outdoor decorative floor is of high fiber separation, small unit, smooth and fine surface and uniform texture. It is a good quality furniture and decoration material.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/