Free paint ecological Wood Floorings

- Feb 03, 2018-

In addition to the main features of eco-friendly wood-free paint Floorings, the following points are also important.


1,paint-free ecological wood with a waterproof, moisture-proof features.


At present, particleboard and MDF are the main materials used in our furniture. However, because of their less waterproof property and moisture resistance, consumers are more frustrated in the use of cabinets, especially in the bathroom board. However, paint-free Ecological wood substrate in most cases using a waterproof solid wood multilayer, just to effectively make up for this defect.


2, paint-free eco-board holding nail power is good.


Paint-free eco-board itself holds nail strength than chipboard or MDF is too much, in the use of furniture, once the particleboard or MDF furniture somewhere after the breakdown will be very difficult to repair, especially the office drawer Broken, there is no way to repair, but if the paint-free eco-wood furniture, a broken part of the site, you can immediately start repair.


3, paint-free eco-wood with the characteristics of saving money, effort, cost-effective.


At present, home decorating with paste board affixed to the board above, but also to brush the paint on the surface, not only costly, but also difficult to environmental protection, after decoration, take a long time to stay, but the use of paint-free eco-wood After doing a good job of furniture and decoration can be directly admitted, cost savings, but also greatly reduced the check-in time.


4, paint-free eco-board in line with environmental protection E1, E0 standards.


Paint-free eco-board make consumers feel comfortable. Because now most of the furniture used in MDF, particleboard only meet the E2 standard, or simply not meet the environmental requirements, which are nowadays the whole society are asking for environmental protection are incompatible.


5, paint-free eco-board durability is good.


Paint-free ecological wood surface after a high temperature, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the surface color to ensure that no fading.