Height changing characteristics and installation steps of composite skirting board

- Jun 04, 2018-

The height change of the laminate kickboard is to pay attention to the height of the plate kickboard that most people like 7CM-8CM in the south, and do not like the high layer plate kickboard installation; but the users in Chongqing prefer the high height, and some users even use the 20CM laminates to tap the composite. But the overall height of the board depends on the size of the room.


In the previous decoration, the height of the laminate kicking board is usually around 10 centimeters. In recent years, the height of the kickboard is reduced slightly. The average family will choose 6.6 centimeters or 7 centimeters high. In this way, the interior decoration can also make the interior decoration look more beautiful and beautiful. View, the decorative drawing is generally 150mm.


Layer plate kickboard installation steps:


The first choice is to measure the length preparation material, the length of the kickboard is fixed long, and the length of the composite used in each block is different, so it is necessary to measure the length of the kickboard used in each section. After that, we should pay attention to cutting the composite. We should use the tape and pencil to determine the length of the skirting board, then use the saw tooth to cut.


The next step of the step plate mounting step is that the composite has been reserved when the floor is floored before the floor is installed. Before installing the composite, the small wooden blocks that are reserved are removed and the length of the kicking board is stuck into the reserved seams. The edges of the corners are cut into 45 degrees and then fixed together. The effect of this treatment makes the kick board still natural and beautiful in the corner position.


The last step in the installation of the laminate kickboard is to pay attention to the fixed kickboard. Even if the laminate kicking board is stuck in the seam, it is still necessary to take measures to make it more fixed. The tools needed to fix the composite are mainly floor nails and hammers. At this time, the skirting board is well, and then we should pay attention to nail the floor into the composite, so that the skirting board and the wall will be fixedly connected.