High capacity, color, moisture resistance and so on are vinyl decking tiles advantage

- Mar 05, 2018-

Vinyl decking tiles capacity is high, the main advantages of vinyl decking tiles is its capacity. The appearance of the above can imitate the actual bearing capacity of high-end flooring, but no more than high-end flooring, and vinyl decking tiles is relatively cheap, the installation time is less, about $5 per square foot, so the cost is greatly saved.


Vinyl decking tiles has a wide selection of colours, all vinyl decking tilesing is that in a wide range of colors, and also can adapt to this kind of floor tile and easy to adapt to almost any decoration; with waterlogging tolerance, because the vinyl decking tiles is completely waterproof, because of this characteristic, it can be used. In the family, including the main layer, the upper and below the level of almost any place. Especially in the bathroom and kitchen, where the water is often end up on the floor, this time with a vinyl decking tiles but the most suitable.


Vinyl decking tiles installation is faster and more convenient, in brick and wood, as well as between the sheets is very easy to install. The bricks are usually 12 inches square, so they are easy to handle. For tile and wood often produce peeling, insist on the use of backing, and these are compared with vinyl decking tiles installation more simple, also means that they are easy to allow the owners to choose their own installation.


Vinyl decking tiles is easy to clean, dirt exists only on the surface, it is easy to sweep. In addition, regular cleaning with occasional wet ground is all that needs to keep a clean floor clean and bright.


Vinyl decking tiles durability strong, for the majority of vinyl decking tiles wear-resisting layer on the vinyl itself above the "" (sometimes up to three), so it's tolerance to normal traffic wear; vinyl decking tiles use up more comfortable, ethylene itself is a kind of "elastic" floor, which means that it is softer when we walk in the above does not have what difference, and as a good working platform can stand for several hours.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/