How should the floor tiles be laid out?

- Apr 03, 2018-

Outside floor tiles should be paid attention to the size, appearance quality, color and color of the brick before making the pre - selection. The next thing is to pay attention to the need to clean, put into the water to soak, remove dry and use. Outdoor decking brick drying time is generally about half a day, with the surface membrane and anhydrous brick moist prevail.


The floor tile in the Outdoor decking should be on the leveling layer after cleaning up, finding the ground elevation, leveling with the horizontal ruler, and popping out the horizontal line; and allocating the edge position in advance; when the tiles are put to the ground, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the scrap brick as a mark block, and make a mark block at about 1.5 meters every other time.


When the Outdoor decking tiles are paving, they should start at Yangjiao. In order to improve the workability of mortar, we use 1:2.5 cement mortar to facilitate our operation. We can add lime paste which is not more than 15% of cement. At this time, it is to note that must be covered with dust in the brick house behind the knife blade, the thickness of 5 to 6mm. The amount of mortar is paving and it is just full.


When the Outdoor decking tiles are put up, the first lines are completed and corrected, which is to pay attention to the translation of the line, in turn, according to the paving, and should pay attention to the level of the adjacent tiles. If the size of the tile is not equal to the geometric shape, it should be adjusted at any time when laying, so that the gap is wide and narrow.


When the Outdoor decking tile is finished, the quality check must be carried out, and the surface of the tile is cleaned with clean water. The joint on the floor tile on this Outdoor decking and its pressure seam should be paid attention to using the same variety, the same strength grade, the same color cement slurry. After that is finished, it should be washed with clean water.