How to choose the waterproof skirting board?

- May 02, 2018-

Waterproof kicking board, in fact, refers to the waterproof ability of the foot kicking board or the foot line, that is, the floor and the wall intersection of an important structural node. Waterproof kicking board has two functions: one is to play a protective role, to cover the joints of the ground and wall, to better combine the wall and the ground, to reduce the deformation of the wall and to avoid the damage caused by the external force collision; the other is the decoration, when the house is designed, the waist line, kicking line (kicking board) play the part. The balance of vision.


There are some skills for waterproofing kick boards when choosing.


There are many kinds of waterproof kicking boards on the market. Family decoration mainly uses wood, stone, ceramics, composite materials and plastics as raw materials. When choosing the material of the baseboard, you should pay attention to consider the material quality similar to the ground material. Now there is a waterproof skirting board in the market. The material and material of the floor material are similar, but also have the ability of waterproofing. It is popular in the market.


The color selection of the waterproofing skirting board should be distinguished from the ground and wall surface. It is suggested to choose the middle color of the ground and wall surface, and also to determine the color according to the area of the room: the small room area skirting board is selected near the ground color, and vice versa, the color of the wall is chosen.


The alignment of the waterproof skirting board is not suitable for Thailand. It should be noted that it should be consistent with the overall decoration style. In addition, different skirting boards have different adaptables, but the skirting board we now say is stronger in machinability, and it is also more convenient in construction. It is popular with consumers and decorating manufacturers.


When buying waterproofing skirting board in the market, the first point is to pay attention to visual quality: the appearance of plywood and wood products must be smooth, and the defects such as slick, heart and rot should not exist. The above line should be clear and smooth; the depth of processing should be consistent; the surface is smooth and smooth. There is no burr; the moisture content of the waterproof skirting board should be less than 12% without distortion.