How to fill the gap between black vinyl bathrooms?

- Dec 04, 2018-

Black vinyl bathrooms are built in such a way that they are installed tightly and squarely with no gap between the floors. Therefore, new installations usually do not require grouting or filling gaps. However, vinyl groups contract over time and are affected by heat expansion and cold shrinkage. Sometimes you will have naturally occurring gaps that need to be filled to maintain the integrity of the floor. 

First clean the black vinyl bathrooms with mops and household cleaners to remove all dirt and debris. In addition, you can clear the gaps that will be filled before you mop the floor. Wait for the area to dry for at least 24 hours, then check the gaps between the black vinyl base bathrooms for additional dirt or debris that may still exist.If nothing appears, double-check with your fingers to make sure everything is dry. If moisture remains between the fragments, wipe with a dishcloth or wait until dry. 

Squeeze some of the filler into the gap between the black vinyl bathrooms and use a putty knife to push the sealant down into the gap to fill any potential gaps that may lie below the edge of the black vinyl bathrooms. Pull the putty knife over the joint to ensure that any excess oil is scraped off the tile surface and the joint is flushed clean. Finally, use a wet sponge to wipe off the excess seam film on the surface of the black vinyl bathrooms and use the same method to refill any gaps that occur over