Installation and maintenance of outdoor terrace floor

- Aug 27, 2018-

In the decoration, the need for the terrace to select a dedicated outdoor terrace floor, so as to achieve the desired effect. When installing, the outdoor terrace floor should be re-constructed to the same extent as the humidity of the external environment when it is shady and dry outdoors. Large deformation and cracking will occur after the construction and installation of wood with large moisture content.


In the construction site, outdoor terrace floor should be ventilated and stored, should be as far as possible to avoid sun exposure; at the same time, should use the outdoor terrace floor as far as possible the existing size, if necessary for on-site processing, should use the corresponding preservatives to fully brush all the incisions and holes, in order to ensure the life of preservative wood.


When building the terrace, try to reduce the outdoor terrace floor joints, in order to be beautiful; 5 mm-10 mm gap between the board surface, all connections should use galvanized connectors or stainless steel connectors and hardware products, to resist corrosion, absolutely can not use different metal parts, otherwise it will soon rust, so that the wood structure is fundamentally damaged. In the production and perforation process, should first drill with an electric drill, and then fixed with screws, so as to avoid artificial cracking.