Key points for correct storage of WPC floor with red oak texture

- Jul 19, 2018-

With the expansion of the application scope of the red oak laminating WPC floor and the increase of the demand, the method of storage should be properly grasped and measured in order to guarantee the effective quality of the floor in the following quality. What should we pay attention to?


First of all, red oak texture laminating WPC floor although the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof, but still to ensure that the storage location of dry ventilation, after the floor is put into the warehouse, often pay attention to ventilation, ensure the indoor clean and dry, this for the floor itself storage time can be extended, or has great help.


In addition, the placement of red oak texture laminate WPC floor should pay attention to flat, which is the key to ensure the floor to prevent deformation. In order to not affect the future sales, the red oak texture laminating WPC floor can be wrapped with plastic film during the storage process, which is the key to prevent the dust from falling.


In order to ensure air permeability, a few holes can be poked on the plastic film to ensure the fluency of the air so that the floor is in the best storage effect. At the same time, during storage period, we must keep away from sources or power sources, and ensure that there is no worry about safe storage.