Material and a series of excellent properties of interlocking decorative panels

- Aug 24, 2018-

Interlocking decorative board is a decorative material commonly used at present. It is usually 5mm-15mm thick and has many kinds of optional materials. Quick and convenient installation; at the same time with fast installation, bright and beautiful, wear-resistant, anti-skid and moisture insulation ideal performance, can be laid directly on any ground, its unique interlocking molding installation form easy to be installed without special tools.


Interlocking decorative board uses high-quality materials as the substrate, with good performance; interlocking decorative board surface smooth, bright colors, through the application of advanced technology, interlocking decorative board can be deployed to a variety of colors, to meet the application needs of different occasions.


The coating material of interlocking decorative board is also excellent, and after curing into film on the surface, the coating can play an effective protection, effectively ensuring the weatherability of interlocking decorative board. In the face of wind, rain, dry, cold and hot and other changeable natural environment, the color, hardness, performance of the interlocking decorative board will not change, the quality is consistent.


The materials of the interlocking decorative board are all green and green materials, and they are powerful guarantee for human health. In addition, once the surface of the interlocking decorative board is covered with dust or other pollutants, simple cleaning can be removed, easy to clean, reduce the follow-up maintenance costs.