Pay attention to the purchase of wood plastic composite floor tiles

- Jan 23, 2018-

Wood plastic composite floor tile for the current market demand is still relatively large, therefore, consumers in the purchase when used will have needs to pay attention to, the following errors, we will come to you and summarizes some consumers to buy wood plastic composite floor tile into easy, so as to bring you help.


One of the misunderstandings of buying wood plastic composite floor tiles: overlaying large core panels at the time of laying


There are too many consumers in the pursuit of Jiaogan, paving a layer above the keel core board. In reality, the quality of the large core plate is quite different, and the quality of the low quality large core board will inevitably affect the quality of the paving of the wood plastic composite floor tiles.


Purchase of wood plastic composite floor tile misunderstanding two: only heavy purchase not heavy paving


Wood plastic composite floor directly sticking method, suspension laid keel laid thoughts, ideas, whether it is a shop to accept any idea on this point, it is a good choice construction team, and on this point, which will adhere to the "six shop": the wet wall leakage. The ground does not dry, not the whole unyielding shop; confused construction shop; use inferior accessories shop; time too fast, when there is no way to carry out the procedure not shop on time; product quality problems can not be spread; requires absolutely no smooth color not shop.


Purchase of wood plastic composite floor tile misunderstanding three: wood plastic floor is not environmental protection


Some consumers think that formaldehyde containing certain amount of natural wooden when plus, between the veneer laminated composite floor, the formaldehyde content of oak wood is relatively high, not environmental protection. In reality, the formaldehyde release of wood plastic composite floor tiles can only be controlled in the category of national scale, that is, it can be used safely.


Purchase of wood plastic composite floor tile misunderstanding four: seek plain board do not buy lacquer board


Some consumers think board refers to the genuine goods at a fair price for wood plastic composite floor brick, and cheap, but I do not know about the floor caused by contaminated paint itself and the paint quality cannot be guaranteed and so on; but the wood composite floor brick paint board is manufacturers through the machine, automatic production line is relatively high at work, very large eliminated the actual use of pollution, so that the product would be more environmentally friendly.