Production process of Luxury vinyl floor

- May 29, 2018-

Luxury vinyl floor is a kind of high-grade floor material, usually through a series of rigorous production process to be formed. The first step is to make the bottom of the luxurious ethylene floor. The PVC resin powder, plasticizer, stabilizer and carbon black are put into the mixer in proportion to the formula, and the plasticizer is added automatically by the machine. After 10 minutes, add the stone powder and stir for about 30 minutes. Mix the mixture evenly into the conveyor belt and enter the mixer to heat the mixture.


In the mixer, the machine passes through the hammer material for 4 minutes, the raw material powder enters the roller and gradually forms after the roller rolling. The temperature is around 170 degrees C, and the final cooling is made, and the raw material is cut into 1*1m or 1*1.3m lump. The bottom material often has the toughness not easy to break, by PVC, calcium powder, plasticizer and other materials, medium material is easier to break, so the bottom material and medium material together can play the role of stretching, so that the luxury ethylene floor is not easy to upwards.


Then the bottom material is hot pressed. On the steel plate, the canvas, the press board, the soft film, the bottom material, the material, the material, the abrasive film, the color film and the soft film are put on the plate. After the other plate is pressed well, it is sent into the hot press, and it is continuously heated and pressurized. After about 40 minutes, the floor is pressed and the floor is pressed. In this process, a piece of compression grain is pressed on both sides of the plate, that is, a piece of press plate presses two floors; according to the demand of the customer, glass fiber is sometimes added between the medium and the medium.


Then into the rolling, back to the train, put the plaster floor into the conveyor belt, the roller evenly coated with a layer of UV coating, after receiving ultraviolet radiation and into the oven for baking, after the coating is fully solidified, the floor is sent into cold water and cooled; finally, the surface of water is blown by the air cooler.


The molding of the luxury vinyl floor is still badly cut and cut and chipped and slotted. The floor is placed in a warm pool or heated by a machine to make it easier to cut and cut. After washing the surface of the water with a sponge, the floor is sent to the punching cutter, and 5-6 pieces are cut down. Then the small pieces of the floor are cut on the tray.


And the luxury vinyl flooring edge and slotting is based on customer requirements, slotting is adjusted by the size of the floor by the regulator tool, after the adjustment, a piece of floor is put to upload belt, first open the long side, then open the short side, open well on the back of the floor will be sprayed on the production day. Finally, the luxurious vinyl floor made of qualified products will be packaged properly.