Reasons for kindergartens to choose plastic wall skirts and wall panels

- Oct 23, 2018-

The reason why kindergarten chooses plastic wall skirt board wall board the appearance of plastic wall skirt board wall board solves the problem that wood door and steel door are not waterproof and traditional plastic steel door and aluminum alloy door can only be made into glass door which ensures the waterproof of toilet door. Moisture-proof function needs to meet the consumer's aesthetic desire to keep the tone style of the toilet door and the room door. First of all, it can be seen that the installation of the plastic wall skirt wallboard is more convenient, no professional personnel, not affected by the season; and the construction period is short, keep the construction site clean, very suitable for the transformation of the space environment; The key is that it is green and environmental protection, the construction is completely tasteless, can directly enter. Secondly, the plastic wall board can be integrated with graffiti area, magnetic plate area, installed in a position suitable for children's height, can be used to display and free graffiti, meet the children's natural expression needs, and become the stage of children's work presentation. Help children achieve freedom of expression. Compared with other materials, the plastic wall board has the characteristics of anti-mildew, moisture-proof, acid-alkali anti-corrosion. It can be used directly with water or cleaning agent, easy to keep clean, can replace the traditional ceramic tile and stone decoration material, and is suitable for corridor, toilet, etc. Storage room, children's swimming hall, horticultural room, classroom theme wall and other multi-functional space interior decoration needs.