Requirements for the laying of garden floor tiles

- Jan 22, 2018-

Before laying the garden decorative floor tiles, for workers, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of laying technology before construction, and at the same time, we must pay attention to users' approval before they can be built. If the garden floor tile can not be constructed in the following cases, it should be explained clearly with the user and explain the reason at this time.


Garden decoration floor is not dry in the face of the ground (wet), not clean, when construction can not be laid; garden decorative floor tiles in the face of the surrounding environment there are termites, not for construction; when the construction site to cross the mixed operation, not in the construction; the construction period is too short, there is no way to implement the pavement no, the construction (consultation requirements; user requirements except overtime) absolutely flat, color can not appear when not be construction.


The environment and basic garden decoration floor brick in pavement before (usually refers to the cement ground): can the ground moisture content of more than 20%, otherwise the ground should pay attention to moistureproof processing, moistureproof processing mode is also should pay attention to the use of brush waterproof coating or laying plastic film.


Garden decorative floor brick on the pavement before, on the ground level should have sufficient strength on the surface quality of it should be consistent with existing national standards and the relevant provisions of the law; the ground roughness should also satisfy the requirements of 2m pavement by foot, detecting the flatness of the ground should be less than 5mm and by foot the maximum height of ground.


Garden decorative floor brick on the pavement before the wall and floor inside corners in the 200mm should be perpendicular to each other, flat, convex roughness is less than 1mm/m, more than the errors must be used for cement or dry fast leveling; not vertical or there is no way to smooth place, and should the user consultation to resolve; garden decorative floor tiles in the pavement, the ground should ensure clean debris does not exist.