Selection and installation of bathroom skirting panels

- Sep 07, 2018-

The bathroom wall skirt panel is mainly used to protect the decorative wall, its construction to a certain extent will affect the firmness of the wall, so it must be done step by step, step by step carefully to complete the entire construction process. First of all, the choice of bathroom skirt panel materials; but also the height of the skirt adjustment, generally less than one meter, if there are special circumstances, you can do the corresponding adjustment.


Secondly, consider the color of the bathroom wall skirt panel, must be in harmony with the indoor environment, can be fully integrated into the pattern above, the material style should be thought of. Later, minor adjustments should be made to ensure that the whole looks more beautiful.


During the construction of bathroom skirt panel, the length and width of the wall surface are measured firstly, and the integral blocks of the wall panel are calculated according to the size of the bathroom skirt panel. The spare space is completed by jigsaw, and the jigsaw should be allocated at the end; and then the kick line is installed.


Then insert the bathroom skirt panel from left to right into the kick line, and the starting block should be grooved from the corner to the corner. Install expansion screw or steel screw at 1.5 cm from the top of the bathroom skirt panel. Be careful that the screw does not expose the surface of the panel. Apply special glue in the groove of the waist line. After several minutes, insert it to the concave convex surface. The corner must be 45 degrees diagonal.