Selection and installation steps of the colors of plastic coated Skirtboard.

- Nov 29, 2018-

Decorate no matter where can use board of footboard, basically be used for closing with, for instance the floor is installed not of, need to use heel to kick a foot line to cover crevice, ceramic tile also is to stick not of, even if can stick to the head, that crevice is to do not be even.So you also need to use the kick line to close the gap, and the plastic-coated kick board is a good choice. 

The plastic-coated floorboards are available in three colors: the same color as the door cover, floor or wall. At present, the more choice is to coordinate with the color of the door cover. Good installation of the kick line should be completely close to the wall, leaving no gaps.Want to notice the smoothness of metope because of this, if not flat, want to choose to have toughness macromolecule density board. 

When the plastic coating board is installed, the spare tools such as screws and hammers should be prepared first. The first step of the construction technology of the plastic coating board is to flatten the wall surface. The smoothness of the wall surface will directly affect the installation effect and service life of the plastic kick line. 

Next, use screws to fix the base of the plastic-coated board to the wall. When the plastic-coated board is fastened to the base, pay attention to force problems, not use brute force. Avoid damaging the base of plastic coating tap board; the joint place that kicks a foot line also should notice the size of crevice, want close union. Plastic-coated kick board can be cleaned with clean water after it is installed.