Selection of kitchen floor

- Jan 05, 2018-

Just when using tile floor material, generally speaking it is the best choice of tile (brick is the market called "broken brick, polishing brick"), for now, the kitchen flooring in the kitchen with more in terms of words, that will include anti slip tiles or is the brick, present form in terms of words, not only economic and very practical.


Besides, we should pay attention to that, when decorating kitchen, when choosing kitchen floor material, to a large extent, it is also necessary to take full consideration of its moistureproof function. When you are covered with oil stains on the kitchen floor, you must pay attention to the general cleaning agent and metal wire scrubbing, which will not produce any scratches or dirty conditions on the ground.


Then, on the damp kitchen floor laying kitchen floor, the best advice should be pay attention to use less or no natural stone, even if the stone itself is very strong and durable, not only beautiful, also is particularly beautiful, but the natural stone material is not waterproof, long time water spilled on the ground, which will deepen the color of stone, this time also is become hualian.


If the kitchen floor is wet after a large area of wet, it will be more slippery, in this case, it is easy to fall. At this time, we are in fact is to pay attention to, on the wooden floor before speaking, absolutely can not be used for kitchen materials.


For now, the kitchen floor for kitchen is also a new composite floor, which will make greater improvement in skid resistance or pollution resistance and waterproofing performance. In this sense, it can adapt to the special use conditions of the kitchen. In terms of its skid resistance, the kitchen floor will directly enhance the texture treatment on the floor surface, which will increase the skid resistance of the floor itself at this time.