Simple installation skill of white plastic footboard.

- Nov 30, 2018-

The footboard of the bedroom is in the lowest part of the wall, usually be from the ground up 12cm 15 cm, it is metope adornment a part, it is metope and the boundary line of the ground. The function of footboard, in addition to can protect wall, still the important component of interior adornment. It can make whole bedroom level is clear, rich stereo feeling and steady feeling. The white plastic kick plate is a kind of commonly used material in the home decoration. 

White plastic baseboard with its unique installation structure, to solve the traditional plastic baseboard installation problems, its installation accessories include cushion wood, screws, linoleum, plastic card holder, pressure-top wood, pipe expansion screw and so on. During installation, linoleum is pasted on the inside of the wall as a moisture-proof layer, and a clip is set in the middle of the white plastic kick board, and the clip is stuck in the plastic card holder embedded in the wall. 

The upper part of the white plastic baseboard is fixed on the cushion wood by screws, the top of the cushion wood and plastic baseboard is provided with top-down wood, the thickness of the top-down wood is 15x25, and the lower part is fixed in the wall by expanding pipe screws. Such bedroom metope white plastic kickboard even if installed finished, very simple and easy to operate.