Size of moisture-proof wall skirt board and points for attention in installation.

- Oct 22, 2018-

In the home decoration, wall-skirt is very popular, in the moisture-proof wall skirt board installation should be designed before the size of the block. Usually, the height of the moisture-proof wall apron is about 1 meter. This kind of adornment material is more applicable in western country, and the building height that is in our country is controlled commonly 3 meters, some are even shorter, so if install parapet, word should reduce height appropriately. 

Generally speaking, the thickness of moistureproof wall skirt plate has several kinds of forms, the thinnest 18mm, also has the 20mm; the thick has the 22mm. During installation, the height difference of the panel surface should be less than 0.5 mm, the width of the remaining gap between the panel surfaces should be uniform, the dimensional deviation should not be greater than 2 mm, the length deviation of the diagonal length of a single panel should not be greater than 2 mm, and the verticality deviation of the panel should not be greater than that of the 2mm. 

Moistureproof wall skirt board requires the wall thickness is consistent, the flatness of the upper mouth should not be more than 3mm, the surface should be flat, and the vertical tolerance of the elevation should not be greater than 2mm. The flatness of paint wall-skirts, colour separation lines and decorative lines shall not be greater than the deviation allowed by 1mm. The allowable deviation of glazed tile wall-skirt should be less than 2mm, and the deviation of seam height should be within the range of 0.5mm.