Specification and type selection of birch wood laminated WPC flooring

- Jul 20, 2018-

WPC floor is more recently used as an environmentally friendly floor. Many people choose this kind of floor for environmental protection purposes in family decoration. But because the WPC material is a kind of composite material made by processing, the specifications and types are relatively more. The birch texture laminating WPC floor is one of them, but the specific specifications must be determined ahead of time.


The specification of birch wood laminate WPC floor generally includes the thickness of the bottom plate and the ratio of plastic to wood. The floor used in general family decoration is solid, and the thickness is about one centimeter. The longer the thickness is, the longer the service life will be.


But if the home is used in the heat, the floor may cause no heat to affect the temperature in the room, so the WPC floor with different thickness of birch texture can be selected according to the heating form in the family.

. Because the ratio of the plastic and wood of the birch texture laminating WPC floor will affect the concrete appearance and hardness of the floor, the general WPC floor is compared to the standard proportions. The standard proportion of the floor has both the texture and appearance of the solid wood floor and the excellent performance of the synthetic plastic.


Birch texture laminating WPC floor can also be divided into two kinds of solid and hollow, the general family decoration will adopt the solid and relatively thin birch texture laminating WPC floor, while the birch texture laminating WPC floor, which first involves the beach or the lake, is mostly hollow, and the thickness is relatively thick.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/