Structure Design and material selection of Laminates Skirtboard.

- Nov 26, 2018-

At present, it is quite common to keep cables and insulated wires in place and guide them with different types of kick boards. In most cases, however, these skis contain open grooves in which dust accumulates. In order to solve the above problems, a new type of laminate kicking board is introduced. 

The laminate kick board is used for mounting between the wall and preferably floating-type floor and includes a channel which covers and keeps in place cables and analogues and the like. The laminate floorboard has a front side and a rear side, and the channel extends parallel to the floorboard and can be opened to the upper side and back toward the wall. 

At the same time, a buccal plate is formed as an upward extension of the front side, and a groove is formed between the buccal plates. The top of the buccal plate is rounded. The front side is a thin decorative elastic laminate extending upward from the lower edge of the front side and exceeding the upper circular edge of the buccal plate to or beyond a vertical face tangent to the rear side. Thus the following method cables and other analogs can be placed in the channels of the baseboard mounted on the wall. 

The elastic decorative laminate in the laminate kick plate is suitably composed of at least one decorative sheet and a bottom supporting sheet made of melamine-formaldehyde resin impregnated α -cellulose and the underlying supporting sheet is thermoplastic.Preferably made from polyolefin, showing excellent performance.