Technology and application characteristics of commercial vinyl flooring

- May 30, 2018-

There are many types of flooring, but there are many different kinds of plastic floor. Vinyl floor is one of them. But it is a good choice in the business environment, so this floor has many advantages such as easy maintenance, durability, low price and so on.


The ethylene base plate is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material and adding appropriate additives. It is produced on the sheet like continuous substrate by coating process. There are two kinds of single layer and homogeneity composite. It can be divided into two kinds of foam PVC floor with base material and compact PVC floor with base material.


There are many vinyl floor brands in the market. The product specifications are usually 2mm-3mm thickness, and the quality depends on the wearable layer. As a commercial use, 0.3 millimeter light commercial floors, 0.5 millimeter ordinary vinyl flooring and 0.7 millimeter heavy commercial vinyl flooring can be selected according to the actual needs.


In addition to different specifications, vinyl flooring has different features, such as wood - like and tile design, indicating that vinyl panels can provide a beautiful natural floor appearance, but its actual benefits are mainly for maintenance, versatile, warm, noise reduction, hygiene, and durability and convenience. It is advisable.


The advantage of vinyl flooring in applications is that it can be installed in different business environments, such as restaurants, office areas, reception areas, canteens, schools, shops, and so on, and can also play a good effect. This is closely related to the variety of vinyl floors. Almost any color and commercial buildings can be integrated into one.


From the installation point of view, the ethylene base plate is faster and simpler to be installed than the ceramic, stone or marble floor, which means that it will not leave the residue and dust from the cutting, and they are strong and durable and are not easy to use, so they do not need to be replaced in a few years. In fact, in some foreign countries, almost all large retailers use vinyl floor.