The advantages of PVC composite floor

- Feb 05, 2018-

Composite PVC flooring and rubber flooring belong to the same flexible floor, but the difference is still relatively large. First, their composition and production process are different. Rubber flooring is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. There are differences between the colors: rubber flooring coloring more difficult, due to rubber with strong absorption, most of the color of the rubber floor is relatively simple; but complex PVC floor color is also more, can be any combination, but also to the designer Many choices.


There are differences in the ease of installation: composite PVC floor texture is very light, easier to install and faster; rubber floor heavier, more laborious to install. And, when it comes to rubber flooring installation requirements more stringent, if the method is wrong, there will inevitably be bubbles, for self-leveling foundation requirements more perfect, otherwise it will exaggerate the grass-roots defects.


Market demand and wear strength are different: Rubber flooring because of the high price, which will only be used in some high-end places, the scope is relatively small; but because of its high composite PVC flooring cost-effective and therefore widely used, the market potential is also very Big. However, the wear resistance of rubber flooring is stronger and it is suitable for places with large traffic such as airports and stations, as well as vehicles such as airplanes, trains, subways, cars and ships.


Compared with the carpet, composite PVC flooring composition and production process is not the same. Carpet is based on cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or synthetic fibers like raw materials, by hand or the mechanical process of knitting, planting velvet or woven from the ground dressing.


Performance and maintenance are different: the carpet itself is flammable, afraid of fire, fear of water, fear of tide, and when in maintenance is very troublesome, very easy to dirty, but also particularly susceptible to filth, breed bacteria. But the composite PVC floor with fire retardant, not afraid of the water is not afraid of the tide, take care of it very simple features, wipe with a rag, stain performance is better, with anti-bacterial effect.