The advantages of residential plastic floor and the process of paving

- May 23, 2018-

Now many families will choose to use plastic floor when they are decorated. On the one hand, the floor has the remarkable effect of anti slippery and anti damp and antibacterial. On the other hand, there are many varieties of plastic floor, and the texture gives people a more vivid and beautiful appearance. And the installation method is relatively simple.

In addition, the plastic floor is also a new type of green ground decoration material that does not contain reflective elements, so consumers don't have to worry too much about their safety when they are used. Of course, the laying of plastic flooring is also exquisite, must be strictly in accordance with the norms.

Before laying the plastic floor, it is necessary to carry out environmental detection, floor treatment and grass roots treatment. Environmental testing items include indoor and surface temperature and humidity, base strength, hardness and base roughness. Ground floor treatment is also very simple, using more than 1000 watts of ground grinding machine with appropriate grinders to ground floor for overall grinding, remove the residue of paint, glue and other residues; for cracks on the floor, can be made of stainless steel reinforcement and waterproof adhesive surface to repair the surface of quartz sand.

The base laid on the plastic floor also needs to be treated, such as concrete and cement mortar, and the leveling layer should be closed by the interface treatment agent in proportion to 1:1. Instead of absorbent base, such as tile, terrazzo, marble, etc., it is recommended to use dense interface treatment agent for bottom finding.

If the water content of the floor of the plastic floor is too high and needs to be constructed immediately, the epoxy interface treatment agent can be used to carry out the bottom treatment, but the premise is that the water content at the base should not be more than 8%. Also, the interface treatment agent is evenly constructed without obvious effusion. After the surface treatment agent is dried on the surface, the next step self leveling construction can be carried out.

After the completion of the preparatory work, the plastic floor is paving in a certain way, so that it can play an important role in different occasions and create different decorative effects for the family environment.