The advantages of the EMBOSSED WPC flooring compared to other ground materials

- Jun 25, 2018-

As one of the EMBOSSED WPC floors, the PZT EMBOSSED WPC floor not only combines the waterproof and stability of the LVT, but also is easy to install as a fortified floor; because of the addition of the cork and the EVA pad, its foot sense and sound insulation effect is better than the LVT clasp floor.


Unlike other types of EMBOSSED WPC floors, the surface of the EMBOSSED WPC floor is marked with a clear stripe, which can show better decorative effects. The LVT and EMBOSSED WPC layers of the EMBOSSED WPC floor are glued through glue, and the peel strength is good, even better than the LVT color film and the grind sheet.


The advantage is also the installation cost of the EMBOSSED WPC floor is far lower than the ordinary brush PVC floor, relatively said or relatively convenient; EMBOSSED WPC floor in the environmental protection is also very good, including the release of formaldehyde, heavy metal, safe and reliable.


EMBOSSED WPC floor is easy to install, easy construction, no complex construction technology, save installation time and cost; after the use of the press EMBOSSED WPC floor need correct treatment to ensure that the environment is not affected.