The application difference between wood composite plastic flooring and solid wood floor and Laminate flooring and the characteristics of wood composite plastic flooring

- Mar 07, 2018-

The application difference between wood composite plastic flooring and solid wood floor and Laminate flooring:


The main materials used are wood flooring will include PE and wood powder or bamboo powder, after adding additives, after the high-speed mixed granulation, then use granular extrusion extrusion machine, the main floor is used for landscaping, villas and other outdoor platform in a series of.


The solid wood floor is a ground decoration material formed after drying and processing natural wood. Its natural log texture and color patterns are natural, soft and affable, and are ideal materials for bedroom decoration, living rooms, study rooms, etc., but their corrosion resistance is relatively poor.


Reinforced flooring is mainly used for conference rooms, offices, high-definition cleanliness laboratories, etc. this kind of floor will also be used for ground decoration in high and medium grade hotels, restaurants and residential buildings. When used in actual use, although it has a damp proof layer, it is not suitable for wet places such as bathroom and toilet, and the waterproof performance is poor.


Wood composite plastic flooring features:


When the wood flooring production, will find that it is made of polyolefin materials and cellulose (straw, wood flour, rice bran etc.) after a new type of green wood composite plastic flooring is formed by a series of special processing. Speaking of these materials, they will have the advantages of not afraid of water, no decay, no deformation, no fading, and better performance according to pests and fireproofing. After that, there will be no crazing and no need for maintenance.


Wood composite plastic flooringing does not contain any harmful components, and when it is actually used, wood composite plastic flooringing can also be recovered and reused, so that it will be truly the new product of environmental protection, energy saving and resource recycling. And compared with the solid wood floor and the waterproof performance on the floor, it is found that the waterproof performance of the wood composite plastic flooring is also the best. Under the same load-bearing condition, there will be no obvious trace on the wood composite plastic flooring, which can be felt by hand.