The characteristics and types of the fireproof floor

- Jun 11, 2018-

The standard fireproof floor should be based on fiber board, particleboard, plywood and so on, with coating or impregnated paper as finishing material, through flame retardant treatment, to achieve a certain flame retardant grade, with flame-retardant function floor, the flame retardant standard of B1 level and the grade standard of smoke poison.


The unique material and structure make the fireproof floor have many features, including super wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali, aging resistance and so on. It is fully suitable for public and family use. The good fire retardancy of fireproof floors is conducive to raising the level of fire safety and is one of the strategic measures to reduce fire losses.


At the same time, this fire-resistant floor also realizes low toxicity, low smoke and no pollution, thus reducing the fire load of buildings, slowing down the spread of fire, reducing the smoke concentration and toxicity of material burning, creating conditions for evacuation and escape of fire field.


The fireproof floor can also be divided into different types. One is a wear-resistant composite wood floor. The surface of the fireproof floor is impregnated with the thermosetting amino resin with the inorganic steel fiber material and the special paper, and the surface of the solid wood base material such as plywood or carpenter. The balance layer is then processed into a floor by hot pressing. It combines the wearable quality of the strengthened flooring, the comfort of the solid wood flooring and the stability of the composite floor.


The other is the fireproof wood floor, which is a kind of fireproof floor made of natural fibers, such as recycled plastic and wood fiber through polymer modification. It has the advantages of both plastic and wood, and also has a certain fire resistance. It is a very potential environmental protection material.


There is also a fire-resistant reinforced composite wood floor, which is based on fiberboard, plywood or particleboard, with fireproof or impregnated paper as veneer material, and then fire-retardant and flame-retardant technology, with a certain fire retardant grade. Its characteristics are more inclined to strengthen the floor, stable performance, stable structure, more durable.


When users choose to buy fire flooring, they must provide relevant certificates, including the certificate of use of flame retardant products, and the fire certification certificate approved by the National Fire Department. This is the two important indicator of the fireproof floor.