The color, environmental protection and installation skills of the bathroom wall and wall skirt

- Oct 18, 2018-

Design, environmental protection and installation skills of bathroom wall skirt board before the development of environmental protection bathroom wall skirt board, people's idea of family decoration is limited to traditional decoration, wall decoration is wallpaper instead of paint. After having a bathroom wall skirt board, its color is divided into wood grain color, wallpaper color, there are more than 100 colors can choose, also can customize membrane paper, can make the decoration become very simple. In addition, the bathroom wall skirt board is also environmentally friendly and non-formaldehyde. With its own unique bright spot and grasp of color, the bathroom wall skirt board has produced a variety of decoration styles for the vast number of house owners to choose freely, European-American style, Chinese style, Modern minimalist style, there is always one that meets your requirements. When installing the bathroom wall skirt board, the wooden structure is finished and the actual wiring is carried out, and the electrical wiring opening is reserved. Usually the bathroom wall skirt board in the installation process, from the top of the installation, cutting the plate process must make the material cut straight, cutting saw speed higher, less burr, size must be measured between the error between 2MM, Otherwise, the stitching will be extremely irregular.